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At the long run ,ABC released official statement to confirm that there will be no contract renewal for Whoopi Goldberg and Joy Behar because they are too toxic. Good decision or not?



Whoopi Goldberg — who famously once gifted Pope Francis with Sister Act merch and also wants to send the Vatican “some bees” — had quite the reaction to cohost Joy Behar’s confession on The View.

Tuesday’s live broadcast closed with what could’ve been a sweet moment of friends trading stories about Broadway plays, as the table’s Republican seat-holder Alyssa Farah Griffin innocently brought up a recent show she enjoyed in New York City, which seemingly prompted Behar to recall a production she enjoyed as well:

I could recommend one too! I saw Doubt the other day, with Liev Schreiber,” the 81-year-old said, referencing John Patrick Shanley’s popular play about a nun who suspects a priest of abusing a young boy. “Very interesting, about the abuse scandal in the Catholic church!”

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