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Breaking: Elon Musk Proposes Shutting Down ‘The View’, “I’d Rather Walk Barefoot On Hot Asphalt Than Watch The View



an extraordinary outburst that has captured the attention of both media insiders and the public, Elon Musk has vehemently expressed his disdain for the long-standing daytime talk show ‘The View.’ In his characteristic flamboyant style, the billionaire entrepreneur did not mince words, stating he would “rather walk barefoot on hot asphalt than watch ‘The View’,” and calling for its ban. This comment has not only sparked a firestorm across social media platforms but has also reignited discussions about television content, viewer discretion, and the role of celebrity opinions in media critiques

In media circles, the response has been similarly mixed. Some commentators have critiqued Musk for what they perceive as an overreach—using his significant influence to potentially censor a media outlet. Others see his point, debating the quality and content of modern TV shows and whether celebrity-led discussions are veering away from substantive analysis.

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