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Breaking News:Taylor Swift Made Her Last Show in Paris a Love Letter to Travis Kelce



Obviously, Taylor Swift is about more than boys, and the Eras Tour is about more than her boyfriend being in the audience. But…Paris Night 4 was low-key a Travis Kelce tribute.

After a two-month hiatus, the Eras Tour picked up again for its European leg with a run of shows in the City of Love, and as promised, Kelce made it out to support his gal. He’s currently based in California to shoot a Ryan Murphy show before going back to NFL training, but was spotted in the crowd alongside fellow Swift pals Gigi Hadid and Bradley Cooper. And when it came time for the acoustic set, Swift made sure to give him a pointed you-know-who-this-is-about shout-out.

First, she pointed out that this was the 87th show of the Eras Tour, and as most fans know, Kelce’s number is 87. Another interesting fact is that Kelce and Swift were both born in 1989, and Travis chose number 87 because his older brother (and role model), Jason, was born in 1987. So, just saying, these two are both number-loving Easter-egg-hiders, and maybe kinda perfect for one another?

Anyway, she then sang a mash-up of “Treacherous” and “The Alchemy,” the latter being a Tortured Poets Department track that many listeners think is about the Swelce relationship. She literally sings “touch down” and “shirts off” (Jason-coded) and “The greatest in the league / Where’s the trophy? / He just comes running over to me,” which isn’t not a description of the Super Bowl

She also wore reddish-orange and yellow during the 1989 set, which could be Chiefs colors, but could also just be colors.

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