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Breaking News:Taylor Swift “plays slide” on Billboard Hot 100, Kendrick Lamar overwhelmingly wins over Drake in the world rap battle!



Billboard Hot 100 chart this week with notable names: Taylor Swift, Kendrick Lamar and Drake.

The “great war” in the world of rap between Kendrick Lamar on one side and Drake on the other seems to have come to an end with the overwhelming victory belonging to Kendrick Lamar. The rap songs that Kendrick Lamar wrote for Drake are not only evaluated. superior in terms of “facts”, but also superior in terms of technique, content, message,… Not stopping there, Kendrick Lamar also prevailed over Drake on the chart Billboard Hot 100 this week

Specifically, the extremely intense diss track “Not Like Us” debuted at number one on Billboard with 70.9 million official streams and 15 thousand copies sold in the US. In this diss track, Kendrick Lamar directly points out that Drake is a pedophile who likes to meet young girls. Kendrick also posted a picture of Drake’s
house with a symbol of a sexual assaulter. The remaining diss tracks that Kendrick Lamar aimed at Drake also landed in the top 10 include #3 – Euphoria (mocking Drake’s preference for hanging out with much younger women, even hinting that Drake is gay); #6 – Like That (Kendrick Lamar confirms his #1 status).

Drake’s relatively weak response track to Kendrick Lamar’s “all-out attack” – Family Matters – also debuted at No. 7 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart. In this track, Drake attacks more personal issues by Kendrick, alluding to Kendrick’s troubled relationship with his fiancee Whitney Alford, accusing Kendrick of having an affair and “touching” her, even continuing to bodysham Kendrick because of the rapper’s modest height.

Great Drake War – Kendrick Lamar fell asleep with the result in favor of Kendrick Lamar.

Even the Taylor Swift “industry” is having a hard time staying afloat in the face of the “great war” that can be considered the most intense in the rap industry in many years. Fortnight fell from the number one position to number 4 with a clear decline in the indexes. However, this is the time when Taylor Swift is focusing on The Eras

clear decline in the indexes. However, this is the time when Taylor Swift is focusing on The Eras Tour with an extremely impressive arrangement for her own “era” of The Tortured Poets Department, so there is a high possibility that the tracks on the album will soon return to the top 10. .

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