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Breaking News:Travis Kelce Gushes About 1 Year Anniversary With Taylor Swift



The Kansas City Chiefs tight end hosted a massive outdoor celebration on May 18 for his second annual Kelce Jam sponsored by Jim Beam performance at the Azura Amphitheater in Bonner Springs, Kansas. However, a lot has changed for the NFL star since he introduced the feel-good event last year.

Kelce admitted in an exclusive interview with E! News, “I’ve won two Super Bowls.” However, Kelce noted that he has kept loyal to himself during his year in the spotlight with Taylor Swift. “Through all my years, life could be no better than right the f—k now,” Kelce told the crowd. “It’s just been better and better every single year ” he told Page Six on the red carpet.

The hunky tight end sang a similar tune while chatting with us before the show, praising the community for their “unbelievable” support. “I’ve kind of been the same person my entire career,” he told E! on the red carpet. “Just always trying to live and learn and get better as a person. I’m just extremely grateful that we’ve had the showing that we’ve gotten this year.”

However, Kelce Jam, which featured performances by Lil Wayne, Diplo, and 2 Chainz to give back to Kansas City, isn’t the only way Kelce is spending his offseason. Before embarking on a trip to Italy with Taylor Swift, the athlete officially began his acting career by filming with Emmy winner Niecy Nash for Ryan Murphy’s new horror series Grotesquerie.

Kelce told E! that he wants to work with “so many people” in Hollywood next, but he’s keeping his dream collaborators a secret for the time being. “I’d be silly to just throw names out there,” he remarked, implying a future in a different genre. “I’m huge about comedy, and who knows what comes in the future?”

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