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Emma Stone Keeps Her Distance From Joe Alwyn As She’s Forced To Pick Sides In Taylor Swift Breakup



Emma Stone and Joe Alwyn’s friendship might be going through a rough patch.

The two actors were very close, but it’s to be expected that Joe Alwyn and Taylor Swift’s breakup would put a strain on their relationship, as Emma is very good friends with the singer as well

Swifties recently wondered about the state of Emma and Taylor’s friendship, considering that the actress was working closely with Taylor’s ex in the new movie.

The fact that Emma Stone had gushed over her friendship with Joe also raised some eyebrows.

But it seems the two actors are now taking a break from each other.

Emma Stone Seemingly Avoided Joe Alwyn At Cannes Film Festival

Fans began to notice a rift between Emma Stone and Joe Alwyn at the Cannes Film Festival, when the two of them showed up to promote their latest movie, Yorgos Lathimos’ Kinds Of Kindness, but things were apparently frosty between them.

Through the red carpet walk and the rest of the ceremony at the Palais, Joe and Emma kept their distance. That might not have been that suspicious, since they weren’t explicitly at odds or anything, and they were both clearly enjoying themselves separately, but it was what came after the event that caused people to wonder if, following his breakup with the pop star, Joe Alwyn would be cast aside by Emma Stone, and by extension, Yorgos Lathimos, who has done several films with her and considers her his muse

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