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Guys, the moment we’ve all been waiting for is finally here! Jason Kelce has spilled all the tea on the Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce engagement rumors. And let me tell you, it’s juicy! Head over to Medium to read all the details.



In an exclusive interview, Philadelphia Eagles’ star center Jason Kelce has finally addressed the long-standing rumors about the engagement between his brother, Kansas City Chiefs’ tight end Travis Kelce, and pop superstar Taylor Swift. The revelations were made during an exciting episode of a popular channel, bringing clarity to months of speculation.

Fans have been abuzz with engagement rumors ever since Travis Kelce and Taylor Swift were spotted together. However, Jason Kelce has set the record straight, confirming that there is no truth to these rumors.

“Absolutely, I understand the excitement and curiosity surrounding Taylor and Travis, but let me set the record straight once and for all – there is no truth to the rumors of their engagement,” Jason Kelce announced during the interview.

The unexpected revelation left many surprised, as fans had been eagerly anticipating a confirmation of the rumored engagement. Jason reiterated, “That’s correct. While Taylor and Travis share a great friendship, they are not engaged. However, I must say there is an interesting twist to this story.

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