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Harrison Butker Riley Gaines are joining forces to launch a NEW podcast titled, “AMERICA MUST BE TAKEN BACK!(O)



Harrison Butker, renowned kicker for the Kansas City Chiefs, and Riley Gaines, former collegiate swimmer and outspoken advocate for fairness in women’s sports, are joining forces to launch a new podcast titled “America Must Be Taken Back!” The podcast aims to provide a

platform for discussing pressing issues facing America today, with a particular focus on traditional values, personal responsibility, and community engagement.

Harrison Butker and Riley Gaines may come from different sports backgrounds, but they share a common passion for advocating for the principles they believe in. Butker, celebrated for his athletic prowess and strong family values, has been an influential voice on topics such as

faith, family, and community service. Gaines, a former University of Kentucky swimmer, has been vocal about the integrity of women’s sports and the need for policies that ensure fairness and safety.

Their collaboration promises to bring diverse perspectives to the table, combining Butker’s emphasis on traditional family roles and Gaines’ advocacy for women’s rights in sports. Together, they aim to spark meaningful conversations and inspire positive change.

America Must Be Taken Back!” is set to address a wide range of topics that are pivotal to the fabric of American society. Each episode will delve into subjects such as:

Family and Community: Exploring the role of traditional family values and the importance of community support.Sports Integrity: Discussing the challenges and triumphs in maintaining fairness and competitiveness in sports, with insights from Gaines’ experiences.

Faith and Personal Responsibility: Highlighting the role of faith in personal development and societal well-being.
Patriotism and Civic Duty: Encouraging active participation in community and national initiatives to foster a sense of unity and patriotism

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