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Harrison Butker, the famous kicker for the Kansas City Chiefs, will become the first NFL player to appear on Roseanne Barr’s new television show



Harrison Butker Will Be the First NFL Player on Roseanne’s New Show
This unexpected pairing brings together two figures who have both experienced their share of public scrutiny and controversy. Roseanne, returning to the television scene after her notable exit from the reboot of her own show, chose Butker for his outspoken nature and recent headlines, remarking simply, “I like him.”

Roseanne Barr’s return to television follows her controversial departure, which stemmed from her incendiary tweets that sparked widespread backlash. Her new show promises to be a platform for open and honest discussions, featuring guests who are no strangers to public controversy themselves. By inviting Harrison Butker as her first NFL guest, Roseanne seems to be setting a tone of resilience and candid dialogue for her latest project.

Harrison Butker has made a name for himself not just on the field with his reliable kicking for the Chiefs, but also off the field with his outspoken views. Recently, he made headlines for a speech that some praised for its honesty, while others criticized for its perceived insensitivity. This polarized reception makes Butker a fitting guest for a show that aims to delve into the complexities of public personas and controversial opinions.

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