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HOT NEWS: Taylor Sᴡift’s L.A. fans made SoFi concerts “earthquake-like tremors”, shake, shake, shake, Caltecʜ-UCLA study says



It seems Seattle Swifties aren’t the only fans who know how to shake it off to seismic proportions.

A recent study from Caltech and UCLA researchers found that Taylor Swift‘s Los Angeles fans also caused earthquake-like activity when the superstar took over Inglewood’s SoFi Stadium for six nights in August. Caltech seismologist Gabrielle Tepp oversaw the study, titled “Shake to the Beat: Exploring the Seismic Signals and Stadium Response of Concerts and Music Fans.”
“It’s been well known that concerts make these harmonic signals and it’s not always been clear as to why,” Tepp told The Times by phone. “This was one thing that we were kind of interested in seeing if we could really nail down what was causing it.”

Swift’s Aug. 5, 2023, show, the third night of her mini SoFi residency, was at the center of the study, published Wednesday. The “Shake It Off” star played to an audience of approximately 70,000 fans, who sang and danced along to dozens of her hits. Signals from the show were registered on seismic network stations within 9 kilometers (approximately 5.6 miles) of the stadium, and on “strong-motion sensors placed near and inside the stadium,” the abstract says.

A release about the study said Tepp and fellow researchers were able to identify “the seismic signature” of each song performed at the hours-long concert. The study also found that the seismic activity most likely was a result of the “dancing and jumping motions” of Swift’s SoFi audience, not beats and reverberations emanating from the stadium’s sound system.

“So it turns out jumping is very effective at creating these harmonic signals. The stronger or the more people you have jumping, the more energy is going into [the ground],” Tepp told The Times. “I would definitely say for the stronger songs, you probably have a lot more people excited, a lot more people jumping

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