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Kim Kaʀdashɪan DRAΜA is bᴀck Again – aɴd this time WATCΗ as her daughter North West is DISSING Taylor Swift on TikTok which SPARKED Major Reaction among fans.. “What is Kim teaching her Kɪd”



Kanye’s daughter North West recently shared a playful video on TikTok that appeared to tease Taylor Swift.

Perez Hilton reported that the 10-year-old accidentally reposted a clip featuring Taylor dancing on the joint account she shares with her mom, Kim Kardashian. The video was later removed after a short period.

North West’s Now-Deleted Taylor Swift Jab
In the music video for her hit 2017 song “Delicate,” Taylor showcased her unique dance style with spontaneous flair.

The “Lavender Haze” singer sported a playful blue minidress adorned with tassels and danced barefoot in a hotel lobby, charming viewers with her carefree energy. In a flurry of movement, Taylor marched boldly past the reception desk, engaging with the security guards in a lively clip.

Accompanying the video North West reposted was the question, “So this is your favorite singer?”

It also had the caption, “I’m sorry, what?” Shortly after its posting, the content vanished, indicating that Kim might have been behind it.

In a Reddit post, a fan hilariously observed the messy situation as one user unintentionally shared a screenshot of a repost on their account.

Adding to the amusement, another commenter noted the lack of intention behind the repost. “It’s the only repost on their account. This is hilarious i don’t think she meant to repost.”

Another commenter said, “Uh oh lol, I understand North probably saw it online but I hope [Kim and Kanye West] are not spewing hate behind the scenes around their kids; that would just be ugly and unnecessary to let your kids know.”


Revisiting Taylor Swift and Kim Kardashian’s Feud

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The dispute between Taylor Swift and Kim Kardashian ignited when Kim’s former husband, Kanye West, infamously stormed the VMAs in 2009, disrupting Taylor’s victory for Best Female Video with her popular song “You Belong With Me.”

As the overwhelmed music icon delivered a heartfelt address under the spotlight, Kanye dashed onto the stage from the crowd.

He swiftly took the microphone from Taylor’s grasp. As time passed, the musicians unveiled tracks that playfully poked fun at one another.

One of Kanye’s releases was the track “Famous,” in which he rapped the lines “I feel like me and Taylor might still have sex / Why? I made that b—h famous.”

In a public confrontation, Taylor confronted the rapper for disrespectfully incorporating her name, although Kanye maintained that he had cleared all the lyrics with her beforehand.

During Kim’s marriage to Kanye, the reality star took to social media to leaked a recorded phone conversation suggesting that Taylor had consented to her name to be included in Kanye’s song.

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