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Looks like Trump fans are at it again, conjuring up more wild conspiracies involving Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce. Can’t say I’m surprised, but let’s focus on real issues instead of creating drama where there is none



If we’re being completely honest, we thought we had put to rest covering global phenomenon Taylor Swift and Kansas City Chiefs TE Travis Kelce and all of the conspiracy theories that whackjob supporters of the ex-reality show host, multi-impeached ex-POTUS, and newly-convicted felon Donald Trump. Aside from not appreciating the huge entertainment boost that Swift gave the professional football league, a whole lot of Trumpers were – and still are – obsessed over the idea of Swift endorsing President Joseph Biden and Vice-President Kamala Harris and how that could swing the 2024 election. In fact, they even peddled this five-tinfoil-hat-rated “theory” that NFL Super Bowl LVIII was rigged for the Chiefs to win just so Swift and Kelce could have a huge stage to finally endorse Biden/Harris – and like most of their “theories,” this one was nothing more than a steaming pile of nonsense. But that was over three months ago before Trump was convicted on 34 felony counts having to do with some very bad financial dealings – and before his worshippers began looking for anyone and everyone to blame instead of holding up a mirror to Trump.

Taylor Swift
Image: Jimmy Kimmel Live! Screencap; The White House Screencap; Photo: Taylor Swift (Sonja Flemming/CBS ©2024 CBS Broadcasting, Inc. All Rights Reserved)

The first one alone is more than enough to make your eyes bleed if you spend more than three seconds thinking about it. Remember how many counts that Trump was convicted on? Yup, 34. Do you know how old Swift is this year? Yup, 34. You see the connection, right? It’s so clear! The “Taylor-nati” was sending a message! As much as we want to laugh until we pee just a little, we can’t, knowing that there are folks who feed into that. And in what could be one of the best/worst examples of perfect timing, today’s also the day that the Kansas City Chiefs visited President Biden at The White House in honor of their Super Bowl win earlier this year. And who did President Biden single out during the event? Yup, with Kelce getting a little bit of mic time before rejoining his team. You can only imagine how the Trumpers are feeling about the optics on that one…

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