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OMG!! Taylor Swift breaks the social media: Pop Star’s Paris ‘Eras Tour’ Leg Eclipses World’s Biggest Sporting Event In Drawing American Tourists



Taylor Swift‘s concerts in Paris are reportedly drawing more American tourists than the 2024 Summer Olympics, data from luxury travel agency Embark Beyond reveals.

What Happened: According to a Bloomberg report on Thursday, Swift’s four performances at La Défense Arena — which has a maximum seating capacity of 40,000 — are seeing a larger influx of U.S. visitors compared to the Paris Olympics.

The agency indicates that Swift’s concerts are pulling in five times as many Americans as the global sporting event, which is surprising given the magnitude of the Olympics.

The pop superstar is in the French capital for the European leg of her “Eras Tour.”

Jack Ezon, co-founder of Embark Beyond, was reportedly taken aback by the shift in travel trends, commenting, “Look at what Taylor did to the Super Bowl. She’s even overshadowing the Olympics.”

Despite ticket resale restrictions in European cities like Paris, Swift’s concerts are causing a significant surge in U.S. tourists.

Ezon’s company has organized over 200 Paris trips for Swift’s fans, typically involving a three-night stay at luxury hotels.

Contrastingly, the demand for the Olympic Games seems to be lower than expected, with hotel rates falling by over 30% in the past half-year, according to travel insight

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