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Renowned billionaire Elon Musk cautioned pop star Taylor Swift about a potential decline in popularity after she was named Time’s Person of the Year — a scenario he claims to have experienced himself after receiving the same honor.



Famous billionaire Elon Musk has issued a warning to pop star Taylor Swift about the possibility of her popularity decreasing after she was named Person of the Year.

Swift, who achieved billionaire status in 2023 and had a remarkable year with sold-out global tours, shared her excitement on the social media platform X, owned by Musk. At first, Musk congratulated Swift but added in a follow-up post, “Some risk of popularity decline after this award. I speak from experience lol.” This comment from Musk, known for his achievements and controversies, sparked discussions about the impacts of high-profile accolades on public figures.

In 2021, Musk was selected as Time’s Person of the Year, a decision met with mixed reactions. One incident involved Musk’s promotion of an anti-Semitic conspiracy theory on X, which he later admitted was “foolish” and “the worst and dumbest post” he had ever made​​. The incident led to backlash and criticism, highlighting the risks associated with high-profile public figures engaging in controversial discourse.

Musk has also faced challenges with advertisers on X. Major companies, including The Walt Disney Co. and Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc., withdrew their ads, contributing to a negative impact on the platform’s financial stability​​. These controversies underline the complexities of maintaining popularity and public approval, especially for figures like Musk who are constantly under the media spotlight.

Musk’s interactions with global political issues have also contributed to his fluctuating public perception. For instance, his visit to Israel and meetings with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu amid tensions in the region raised questions about his role in international politics​​. Musk’s actions, particularly regarding sensitive global issues, have been scrutinized, illustrating the delicate balance public figures must maintain in their personal and professional lives.

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