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Singer Taylor Swift officially made it to Forbes’ list of billionaires



On April 2, world-famous American singer-songwriter Taylor Swift officially appeared on Forbes’ list of billionaires, with assets worth up to 1.1 billion USD.

Singer Taylor Swift. Photo: AFP/TTXVN

According to Forbes’ announcement, Taylor Swift is the first artist to become a billionaire solely thanks to her musical activities. Other heavyweights in the entertainment industry such as singer Rihanna and rapper Jay-Z have also appeared on this list, with huge fortunes partly gained through fashion brands, alcohol companies or entertainment company.

Recently, Taylor Swift organized a worldwide tour “The Eras Tour” – her first tour, worth up to billions of dollars. With her rich musical treasure, Taylor Swift has brought wonderful experiences and satisfied millions of fans across 5 continents. In addition, “The Eras Tour” also has a positive impact on the economies of the countries where this female singer tours.

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