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Sound of Freedom star ‘froze’ after hearing about collaboration with Robert DeNiro, he would rather give up $20 million than have to collaborate in a ‘horrible’ way



In the glitzy world of Hollywood, where million-dollar deals and star-studded casts are the norm, one actor’s decision has left many scratching their heads. Jim Caviezel, renowned for his portrayal of intense and often spiritual characters, reportedly turned down a lucrative $20 million role. What’s the catch? He refused to share the screen with none other than the legendary Robert DeNiro.

Caviezel’s rejection of such a hefty paycheck has raised eyebrows, especially considering his usual niche in roles that involve martyr-like suffering or religious symbolism. “He’s not really the kind of actor who gets big movie roles unless he’s wearing a crown of thorns, being beaten, and inventing the kitchen table,” remarked a source close to the situation.

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