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Taylor Swift Speaking Portuguese to Help an Eras Tour Concertgoer Is Making Fans Love Her Even More – AMZ Newspaper



As Taylor Swift continues to wow with her revamped Eras Tour shows, fans’ safety remains her top priority—as was evident when the pop superstar paused a recent concert to ask for help in Portuguese.

Swift performed her first night of two in Lisbon, Portugal, on Friday, May 24. The “Fortnight” songstress noticed that a concertgoer needed assistance and took action in the country’s native language.

While singing “Champagne Problems” and playing the piano, Swift stopped to instruct security, in Portuguese, “Ajuda, por favor. Help them, please.” She then pointed in the direction where help was needed before continuing the performance.

Unsurprisingly, clips of the moment have since circulated on social media.

In the comments of a video shared via X (formerly Twitter), Swifties praised the 34-year-old for her continued concern for fans. One wrote, “She genuinely cares so much and it’s one of the reasons i love her.”

Another X user commented, “Always caring for us,” while another declared, “Oh mother is mothering.”

Meanwhile, someone else speculated, “The way she probably learned that so she could say it.”

Others criticized venues for Swift needing to
intervene in the first place, with one X user commenting, “The massive GA crowds need water passed around. When I was in Paris we saw a couple groupings of people trying to get medics/security attention during the show because it was so hot.”

Someone else pointed out, “I swear sometimes she herself does a better job then the security while still performing.”

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