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Taylor Swift visits badly burned Phoenix girl in hospital, fulfilling a poignant wish



Isabella McCune stared from her wheelchair in disbelief as a figure in a yellow hospital gown walked into the room Saturday at the Arizona Burn Center.

Could it be? Was it possible? Was it really … Taylor Swift?

Isabella was speechless. She is more than a regular fan of the pop singer. Taylor Swift’s music has helped the 8-year-old girl through a harrowing ordeal after she was burned in a terrible accident in March.

On Wednesday, Isabella recorded a video to Swift, a poignant plea from her hospital bed, explaining how she had hoped to go to Swift’s concert in Glendale on Tuesday but that she couldn’t leave the hospital.

“I heard you were here, and I wanted to visit you but maybe you can come and visit me. So maybe that can happen,” she said in the video.

Now here she was. Taylor Swift.

Swift sat on the edge of Isabella’s bed, scooched closer to the little girl in her wheelchair and said how glad she was to meet her.

Finally Isabella could talk. She said she told Swift how much she liked her music and how she listens to it during the worst part of her day, when doctors at the Burn Center put her into a twilight sleep of sorts.

For two hours, sometimes three, they work on her, changing the dressings on burns that cover almost all of her body. Isabella listens to the music and sings along, her sweet voice soft in the operating room.

Isabella told Swift how it is the only thing that keeps her calm.

Swift told Isabella that she was honored by that. She had brought Isabella a bag filled with T-shirts and sweatshirts from the tour.

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