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Travis Kelce explains his morning routine before going to practice with the Chiefs – and reveals coach Andy Reid’s best piece of advice to thrive in the NFL..



Travis Kelce may be making the most of the NFL offseason, but the Chiefs tight end always keeps one piece of advice from Andy Reid top of mind.

‘The biggest thing he says is, “Don’t lose your personality. Let that thing show,”‘ the Kansas City star said of his coach in a behind-the-scenes clip from a new ZenWTR ad campaign

Elsewhere in the video, Kelce discussed his desire to earn a fourth Super Bowl ring, along with his relationship with his teammates, including Patrick Mahomes.

‘Having great family members and friends, I feel like that’s the biggest thing in terms of growth is just having people around you that can check you, but also give you confirmation and reassurance that you’re doing things the right way,’ he explained.

‘Looking at the legacy, I just want to be known as somebody that was selfless and really wanted to make a difference in the communities that he was playing i

Kelce also outlined his routine on a typical practise day with the Chiefs.

‘My first hour is wake up, get a good breakfast, get a healthy breakfast, fuel up. Know that I’m about to go out and work out here soon – and at least know I have to be [attentive] in meetings and stuff,’ he said.

‘So make sure I fuel up and part of that is hydrating, and making sure I’m doing the right things,’ he continued.

Kelce, who will return for his twelfth season with the team as the highest paid tight end in the league, has been enjoying his time away from the field.

The athlete, who inked a two-year, $34.25 million in April, has been jetting around the world with his girlfriend, Taylor Swift.

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