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Travis Kelce is Very WORRIED, and sends a message to Taylor Swift to Check if she’s alright amid the CHAOS as FURIOUS Fans TORE Down the Fence during the popstar Eras Show in Lisbon – ‘He’s a very Caring Boyfriend…’



The Blank Space hitmaker, 34, kicked off the European leg of her Eras Tour on May 9 in Paris before heading to Portugal this weekend.

However, Taylor’s first show in the country did not get off to a great start as eager fans were left waiting outside for 45 minutes to enter the stadium

One fan who travelled to the Estádio da Luz stadium to see Taylor said: ‘I’m just sad, I’ve spent thousands and thousands of dollars to see Taylor. Please. I just want to be inside.’

Another fan who lives in Amsterdam and came to the concert with three of her friends claimed they waited in line for an hour and a half before getting sent outside.outside.

She said: ‘We’ve been waiting in line for an hour and a half and we just got all the way to the stadium and then got sent all the way outside,

‘We’re herded cattle. There’s absolute chaos.’

It was reported that 200 fans broke through security gates and forced their way into the stadium, terrifying the security staff.

Before the concert, massive queues of fans could be seen starting to form outside the arena due to the delay as frustrated fans proceeded to yell at staff: ‘Let us in!’

Gates were due to open to those with standard tickets at 4pm, however, it was reported that the fans weren’t allowed in until 4:45pm.

A staff member at the stadium said: ‘There were loads of people pushing everyone. They tore the fence down.

‘There were only two security guards outside so extra security had to be deployed to deal with the rowdy fans.

‘They started to yell ”let us in, let us in”.

‘There was a lot of security. The fans were hysterical because of the delay.’

The staff member also added that their co-workers felt quite ‘disturbed’ and ‘scared’ by the incident.

They added: ‘Everyone was pushing and screaming, the staff are quite disturbed and scared by the incident.

‘I don’t know what caused the delay but we had to wait for the VIP guests to get inside while other fans were forced to wait.’

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